Once you start drawing an ordinary thing, you realize how extraordinary it is~ .

I used to draw and paint a lot when I was a kid. One day I picked up a camera. The main difference between painting and photography? You can’t invent things- you need to learn to see the extraordinary. It’s very cool.

Today I get to do what makes my heart beat faster. Today I view the world through the lens at all times. I never question what I do and why, I shoot at what interests me at the moment, capturing a minute part of reality, stopping it from running away. Sometimes I wish I can capture every one of them to be able to actually freeze time!

About me? I have a difficulty to explain it without being way too wordy and too deep (which would cause you nausea and strong desire to exit this website) since i am very much “right-brained”, so…logical, rational, objective and laconic thinking is missing. I moved to San Diego,CA from Europe not so long ago. I studied at the University Of Culture and Arts. I traveled the world a bit. I am mom of two boys. I pretend to be a pessimist, but secretly I am an optimist. I “click” with people easily and consider myself very down-to-earth (although my family doesn’t think so). My friends insist there is never a dull moment with me (they also smile sarcastically when they say it… not sure what that means…) I also have that European accent that I keep because it sounds cool. I love animals, nature, people. I believe, just like Dostoevsky, that beauty will save the world. One day. 🙂